keys3 Find Inner Resources

You've already got everything you need to be truly happy and engaged in life, and to succeed at what's important to you. The elements are all there, inside you already: the passion, the intelligence, and the energy. They just may need a bit of sorting to start flowing freely!

house2 Find Comfort & Control

Julie Cook is a certified NLP Master Practitioner who uses solution-focused methods to coach and counsel clients to find freedom from personal stumbling blocks and self-imposed limitations - freeing you to enjoy and direct the experience of being you.

windsurf2 Find Mobility & Strength

Every personal consulting session with Julie has positive personal change as a goal, and the effects of consultation include clearing personal roadblocks -- be they emotional or behavioural -- and, surprising yourself with your natural abilities and talents.

trophy4 Find Direction & Achievement

Do you find yourself operating on 'auto-pilot' in less than useful ways? It's easy to get stuck in a rut, or lose sight of our dreams in the hubbub of everyday. Yet it's just as easy to gain greater awareness and control over your thoughts, habits, and future, once you know how!

Latest from the blog

Excellent experience. The goal was to try and come up with some ways to relax at night so I can stop stressing and get a good night's sleep. I think we've come up with some good strategies and I've put a lot of thoughts together about my problem that I hadn't realized before.

M.P., Manager

My challenge was to see that I could reach my goal of losing weight, which would in turn affect other aspects of my life. This was met by seeing how my two conflicting 'worlds' could work together! I believe that I walk away with the knowledge and skills to help myself. Everything about my session with Julie was great! I don't believe anything could have been done better as I feel more focussed and positive than I have in a long time.

Caz Guard, Probation Officer

I got a lot out of my session with Julie. She was warm and understanding and helped me enormously to shift things that had stood in my way for so long. She helped me to see my situation with new eyes. Thank you Julie.

J Gascoin